“My lower back and sciatic nerve pain have been completely eliminated. I am now able to sit for four hours while playing the drums in my band and I am also able to referee for several hours without any discomfort. I would recommend anyone I know to Bay State Chiropractic in fact, my whole family comes to Dr. Diener and he has improved everyone’s health.”

– Steven Goldstein ~ So. Weymouth, MA

“I’ve been suffering from neck pain, shoulder tightness and headaches. It was affecting my sleep and daily activities. When I first started at Bay State Chiropractic the pain and headaches were frequent and after every adjustment I got instant relief. I have recommended a lot of friends and family to Dr. Diener and I would again. He listens to you when your explaining your pain and works with you to give you a better quality of life.”

– Deborah Mailloux ~ Rockland, MA

“Dr. Diener’s adjustments greatly decreased the stress in my neck and upper back. If by chance I miss an appointment, I can really feel the difference before and after the adjustments. Dr. Diener and the staff at Bay State Chiropractic have knowledge, are caring, patient and have a genuine desire for one’s well being.”

– Paula Force ~ North Abington, MA

“I suffered from a sudden attack of sciatic pain and it left me in severe pain and unable to walk on my own. I was literally carried to the office by friends for an evaluation and treatment. Though it is a long process to complete recovery, it took only a few sessions for the crutches and the cane to be gone. Each day shows improved motion and reduction of pain. Dr. Diener and his staff are knowledgeable and care for each patient and provide the support and help needed to overcome your problem.”

– Richard Reid ~ Weymouth, MA

“My condition has so greatly improved that I now can care for my home and entertain friends and family. I can also enjoy driving my car, going for walks and even shopping. I would recommend Dr. Diener and his staff to someone I know because, he and his team take a holistic approach to improving your mind, body and soul.”

– Lela Watts ~ Weymouth, MA

“I have been coming to Dr. Diener’s for awhile now. He makes me feel relaxed and my mobility is great after I get an adjustment. Without Dr. Diener’s treatment I would not be able to move as freely as I can. I believe Dr. Diener can make your health better.”

– Paula Barone ~ Weymouth, MA

“Dr. Diener has helped my back to be stronger and not to have to take prescription medicines. I would recommend Dr. Diener and his staff to anyone who needs chiropractic care because he has helped me and my husband with our bad backs.”

– Laura O’Neill ~ Weymouth, MA

“Being adjusted has eased my muscle tension, made my pain go away and it also improved my mobility. I would recommend Bay State Chiropractic because of their excellent care and easy access. Dr. Diener also gave me fast identification of my problem areas and how to resolve them.”

– Martin Crowe ~ Kingston, MA

“Dr. Diener, I want to thank you for following your dream and becoming a chiropractor. Without my chiropractor I would be in bed and probably a vegetable!”

“Twenty years ago I was in a minor car accident which left me with chronic pain. It was very painful for me to walk, stand or sit down. The only position I felt comfortable in was lying down. For a year I had been seeing a neurosurgeon who had been treating me to no avail. After that year the neurosurgeon told me there was nothing more he could do, I would just have to live with the pain. I said, “how can someone live with lying down all your life?” He said, “I can’t help you anymore”. When I left his office I felt deserted and depressed.

I was reading the newspaper one day and saw an ad asking, “if you had pain, or neck and back problems and couldn’t get relief, maybe you should try chiropractic”. I thought,” if my neurologist couldn’t help me, then maybe a chiropractor knew something that would help”. I’m sure it couldn’t be any worse than what the neurologist put me through for one year. . I clearly remember that medical doctor. At that time some medical doctors were biased against chiropractic doctors. When asked he said he was against it. I asked him a simple question, “what does a chiropractor do?” He said he didn’t really know and couldn’t actually explain what a chiropractor did, he just knew he was against them! For him to give me an opinion without knowing what he was talking about made me realize he was just a biased person with a closed mind!

So that’s how I went to Bay State Chiropractic and after three months of treatment with my chiropractor I could walk, stand and sit without pain. Thank God I went to Bay State Chiropractic years ago and met my chiropractor. My neurosurgeon was wrong about my pain! I did NOT have to live with it !”

– Mary Achorn ~ Weymouth, MA

“I have tried other treatment methods and never had the positive and lasting results that I have experienced since being treated by Dr. Diener. I’ve had a significant improvement in my mobility and my level of pain has been greatly reduced. Dr. Diener and the staff is professional, very client focused and committed to excellence. I am happy to recommend Bay State Chiropractic because I am confident that my referrals will receive the high quality care that I have received.”

– Rachelle Coury ~ Raynham, MA

“When I first started with Dr. Diener I was not able to walk far because of leg pain and numbness and was in constant pain. Today, being pain free and being able to walk well is strictly due to Dr. Diener’s high expertise and care. He has made quite a difference. I heartily recommend him to everyone and I thank my lucky stars to have been his patient!”

– Karen Callahan ~ Hingham, MA