Sciatica  Weymouth, MA

Sciatica is characterized by pain in the lower back that radiates down one or both legs. The pain is described as dull, achy, sharp, like “pins and needles” or similar to electric shocks. Other symptoms associated with sciatica include burning, numbness and tingling sensations. Sciatic nerve pain varies in intensity from mild to severe, and frequency may range from occasional to constant. The onset is generally gradual and not necessarily associated with a previous event. Sciatica is also known as radiating or referred pain, neuropathy, or neuralgia.

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What is sciatica, and how can chiropractic care help individuals suffering from it?

Sciatica is characterized by pain radiating from the lower back down the leg due to compression of the sciatic nerve. Chiropractic care can help by addressing the underlying spinal issues responsible for this compression, aiming to reduce pain and improve mobility.

Are there any specific exercises or stretches you recommend for individuals with sciatica?

Yes, we often recommend specific exercises and stretches to alleviate sciatica symptoms. These can help improve flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and support the healing process. Our recommendations are tailored to the individual’s condition.
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